In recent months, I've grown fond of the entity framework technology for .Net core. Database first method is more than useful for a whole project in a relational database. How to setUp?

In my case, for example, I implement it for the FreshFarmJobs project, where it takes care of integrity. Migrations are my friends and allow me to track the status at each stage of the project.

How do you actually implement them?

First, we install using the command:
dotnet tool install --global dotnet-ef

and then we can use the command quite easily:

dotnet ef mirations add {{migrationName}} --environment {{environment}}

migrationName - expresses the name of the migration, personally I use Initial001, Initial002 ... I then keep documentation to help me navigate.

environment - Not mandatory, however it allows to change the target server.

If we have already created the migration, then we run the command:

dotnet ef database update --environment {{environment}}

and the synchronization will occur. Voila, we have an up-to-date database.